View Stem Cell Knee recipient, Martin A.’s incredible story

“A very caring and intelligent practice staffed by people that obviously have great sensitivity to the “male” conditions that can sometime happen in this life. These people are awesome and very very helpful.”

– Mark H.

“I feel like parts of my hairline that were disappearing have definitely filled in more since the first treatment. I also feel like my hair overall is fuller and longer.”

– Sandy T. | Regrow Hair Procedure

“I noticed a 90% improvement in deep line appearance 3 weeks after having PRP and facial micro needling treatment with Dr Robert.”

– Pam G. | PRP and Facial Micro Needling Treatment

“I injured my elbow and was in considerable pain and had restricted movement.  Dr Roberts diagnosed the injury and recommended three options for treatment, I chose Stem cell and PRP treatment for the elbow joint and thumb joint.  The treatment was performed in her Dr Roberts surgery and was relatively painless and quick.  After a few months of physical therapy and monitoring from Dr Roberts my elbow and thumb joint was fully functional and pain free, completely healed.  I would recommend stem cell and PRP therapy to anyone recommended for this.”

– Ray F. | Stem Cell and PRP Recipient