Introducing the V-Shot™ at Sparclaine MD™

The V-shot is a trademarked procedure for the treatment of female sexual dysfunction and incontinence.

Dr. Ghislaine Robert has been certified to perform this procedure to her patients!

The V shot is a cell assisted procedure that utilizes the patient’s own cells for the treatment of the following conditions in the female patient:

  1. Sexual dysfunction (Decrease or lack of Libido)
  2. Anorgasmia (Absence of orgasm)
  3. Dyspareunia (Pain during intercourse)
  4. Vaginal dryness and or atrophy
  5. Urinary incontinence
  6. Vaginal Laxity (Vaginal Rejuvenation)

The V-Shot is an outpatient procedure, performed without general anesthesia, it is virtually painless, there is no recovery time, patient can resume all activities including sexual activity the same day the procedure is performed.

The procedure involves extraction of a small amount of fat which is then processed to isolate the cells with the regenerative potential, this cells are then suspended in the patient’s own blood [platelet rich plasma( PRP)] and then with a very small needle is injected in the vaginal wall and Clitoris.

Patients response varies from individual to individual some may noticed results really promptly, in other patients it may take longer, but the response continues to improve in everyone as time progresses even after a period of 12 months.

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